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Recruitment & selection

Best2Best human capital is the first recruitment firm to offer a “Money back” guarantee.

Thanks to our flexible formulas every company can now afford the services of a professional partner.

Our method, which focuses on checking behavioural skills, as well as taking into account your company’s culture and the wide range of tools at our disposal, has proved useful in various industries.

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Your company has implemented all the tools and methods needed to select candidates. That is not the problem. However the candidates that apply for the job are not qualified or lack the skills you need.

You feel that investing in the publication of an ad is relatively risky and that you have no guarantees about whether you will receive applications of candidates that are qualified for the job.

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Assessment center

Your company easily attracts candidates for job openings. But possibly the real challenge lies in the selection and/or the decision-making process when hiring an employee?

Best2Best human capital uses its own method, based on the verification of behavioural skills, taking into account your company’s culture, how the new employee will integrate and so on…

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HR consultancy

You want to control all or part of the recruitment and/or selection process.

You want to provide an efficient structure for the people involved in the decision-making process for hiring an employee?

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Inhouse Services

Your company is interesting in hiring a large number of employees in the short or long term.

You want to be involved in every phase of the recruitment process.

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