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Your business has little difficulty attracting applicants. Your problem instead lies in the selection and/or decision-making process involved in hiring them.


Best2Best Human Capital uses its very own methodology, hinged on verifying behavioural skills, considering your business culture, the integration of the new collaborator, etc.

We provide you with the following:

  • Interview

«Recruiting staff is an occupation in its own right. To obtain good results from recruitment, the interview structure is essential».

We construct the structure of your selection interviews for you to ensure you obtain the most possible important information from your meetings with the applicants.

We also offer our services during the interviews, at your offices or, for greater confidentiality, at our own.

  • Testing

We have around 20 different tests available, all published both in Dutch and in French. Most of these have also already been translated into English and German.

Our tests fall into three separate categories:

  • Personality and professional profile
  • Career guidance and management
  • Intelligence and personal development

We work with you to create a set of tests suited to your search.

Role play

We have a range of role-playing games and customized situation creations.

For some of our partners, and where necessary to ensure the success of the selection process, we work with them to create real-life situations at their place of work.

Reference checking

Obtaining references on a potential applicant from their previous employers is a delicate matter: risk of subjective opinions, relevance of questions, etc.

Yet they allow you to verify, above all, the following:

  • The truthfulness of the information given during interview
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the applicant
  • Any need for training

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