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Boasting a database numbering more than 700,000 candidates, we are well able to guarantee you a quality selection based on your criteria.


We use internet channels and the press to disseminate information on your job offers.


Networks and maintenance of our relations

Aware of the difficulty in finding the highest-skilled applicants, we use different networks. We are in daily contact with professionals of all levels. We also work with new social channels, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Direct recruitment of young talents ("starters")

Always on the lookout for the rare bird, amongst others, we expand our network of contacts to include schools, training centres and universities.


What happens to candidates that no one can find?

Our method allows us to reach all types of profiles. Some, who are "in short supply" are approached through specific searches and procedures, brainstorming sessions, in-depth market analysis and analysis of the competition, etc.

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