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Who are we?


Best2Best has been created from two practical findings!

the collaborator = the key to success

The key role played by staff in a business's success no longer needs proving.

needs - solutions

The inadequacy concerning the demands of businesses and the offer currently available to them in terms of HR services has led us to develop solutions open to all types of companies and holding companies.

It is on this basis that we established Best2Best Human Capital in 2010. Our 100% Belgian business is specialised in human resources and stands alongside you in your recruitment processes, providing various different services:

  • Recrutement & Selection
  • Sourcing
  • Assessment Center
  • HR consulting

Thanks to its flexible formulas, Best2Best Human Capital ensures that all businesses gain access to the provisions of a professional partner.

Our method, hinged on the verification of behavioural skills, the consideration of your business culture and the scope of our tools has proven its value in many different segments.

Mission and objectives

Best2Best Human Capital, specialised in human resources, is a company based strategically in Walloon Brabant and in Lieges where it acts as a multidisciplinary headhunter (middle management, clerical staff, labourers and freelancers).

Best2Best Human Capital offers applicants only permanent professional opportunities and offers its privileged partners tailor-made recruitment & selection solutions (direct - executive search - sourcing - assessment centre - HR consulting).

Our values


Starting from the principle that we wish to be your partner and not your supplier, our collaborators act as though they were yours. They are constantly trained in preparation and feedback and have earned a reputation of calling a spade a spade.

Complementary nature

The basis for successful recruitment is knowledge not only of the function but above all of the business within which the new collaborator is to operate. Business culture, direct manager, working environment, etc. are all part of our operating methods.


We are all responsible for our actions and our contracts. When you work with a recruiting firm you expect to see results.

We want to prove that we go about this responsibly which is why we offer guarantees about the outcome of our efforts. This is unique in Europe.

Our team

Sébastien Donner Founder
Managing Partner
+32(0)10 750 638
+32(0)2 791 56 77
Aurélie Vrebosch Business Partner
+32(0)10 750 638
+32(0)2 791 56 77
Daphné Maloens Senior Profiler
+32(0)10 750 637
+32(0)2 791 56 77
Nathalie Poos Senior Profiler
+32(0)10 750 342
+32(0)2 791 56 77
Lise Van Den Berge Profiler
+32(0)10 750 720
+32(0)2 791 56 77
Laura Bogaert Profiler
+32(0)10 750 631
+32(0)2 791 56 77
Mégane Lucchesi Profiler
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Pascal Robiéfroid Web consultant
+32(0)10 750 722
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